Sunday, 26 February 2012

Classic GBA games on my Samsung Galaxy ACE

The android markets full of good games but the downside is they come at a price.
I loved the old days when we enjoyed the "Classic console games" so wanna play those on your android???
Hold on to your seats we are going back in time.....zzzzzzzzzoooooopppppppp!!!!!!!!!
 Lets play "The Road To WrestleMania"
Aim:Running the GBA games on your android device

Need to have:
  1. Android phone- i have a Samsung galaxy ACE with Gingerbread 2.3.4  (others not tested but should work, you are not risking anything.)
  2. Gamedroid.apk (Or any other GBA/VBAEmulator)
  3. And the ROM that you want to play. (Road to WrestleMania is what i chose)
  4. Downloading the Gamedroid app and ROMS  may not be legal so i am not posting the links, just to stay safe.
  5. you may also need to download the GBA bios (try googling).
  1. Download and install the Gamedroid.apk on your mobile.
  2. when you open it for the first time you may need to point to the bios file.
  3. Select the game you want to run and BaaAMMMMM there's a Game Boy in your hands.
Once you Get it running you can play it with on screen controls.
The games are 2D and not high in graphics (OLD SCHOOL).
But are still fun, bring back the old times.
You can run them on PC too, try a PC emulator instead of the apk.
Here's the link for those who would like to beat the shit out of or wrestlemania opponents.
And the following are the Screen shots of the game on my phone.

Happy gaming.

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