Friday, 24 February 2012

Know me before there's no me.

  This is a brief introduction of who I am, just intended to let people know me before the know what i feel.
Hi my name is Swapnil (meaning dream like or seen in a dream), funny why my parents decided to call ,me that. I am a regular "guy next door". I have done my 10+2+Diploma in Electronics and Communication with some just "above average" score. I work for a MNC since past one year.
  I love playing/watching football (soccer)-its been a long time since i played now.
  I love to play guitar ( just learned a few chords, more later).
  Soak in the sun on a beach (My Hometown's close to a beach).
  Watch TV, play games, hang around with friends, sketch, sing (we have a "Band" that performs for a croud of 3 people sometimes) sleep, surf the net, read books.....& what else???? riding bike, going on vaccations, taking un-informed leaves.............the list goes on

Like my blog I am as you are very very  ordinary.

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