Friday, 24 February 2012

How it all started

Ten thousand days that i lived to be
still searching the unknown me
days that were spent as a child
worries few & thoughts ran wild
this is the story of me growing
in a poem wort knowing
In month of november at two
i was born fine like many of us do
loved by all and cared like a jewel
in protection of my family i used to dwel
bottle of milk in my little hand
sometimes i crawled couldn't stand
days passed on and i grew strong
walked around in a thong
a year went on day by day
i ran around learnt to play
my first few words surprised all
everyone loved the way i call
time went fast i went to school
life was begining to get crammed with rule
i made few friends and learned a lot
at time of exams i forgot
somehow i managed to get educated
got a job after a while i waited
but i wanted everything new each day
couldn't leave job i got the pay
got an account on
this is the way my blog was born.

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